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About Us

Lion Recovery is a family oriented drug & alcohol detox center in Southern California.

Where There’s Help There’s Hope

Nestled in the heart of San Fernando Valley, Lion Recovery is a charming six-person facility in Van Nuys. We are a small facility focused on personalized medicine & Medically Assisted Treatment. The neighborhood embraces diversity and an inclusive, laid-back vibe, offering a reprieve from the bustle of the city. Home to a few gems, like the Japanese Garden, the eclectic community provides a tranquil escape to relax.

As we are an exclusive facility that treats only a few clients at a time, you will get plenty of individual attention from our staff and a greater opportunity of truly getting to know your peers than you would in a large, bustling facility. Furthermore, Lion Recovery is much more than just an addiction treatment center.  We can help with planning and managing your whole rehab journey, as well as monitoring your sobriety after you have completed treatment. In case you are reading this on behalf of a loved one who is dealing with addiction, you can utilize our expert intervention service to help entice this person into recovery.

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