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Drug and Alcohol Intervention in California

The first step towards recovery is that moment your loved one admits there is a problem and expresses willingness to seek professional help. It happens in the event of intervention.

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Intervention Services

Our drug & alcohol addiction intervention services in California include speaking with the family in person if you live in Southern California or by phone if that is more convenient. This meeting aims to talk about the IP's (indicated patient's) personal condition and treatment requirements. The initial procedure comprises several in-depth personal inquiries to better understand the required approach to the IP. Among the points to be discussed are the following:

  • Where is the addict living?
  • What substances do they consume?
  • Are they working?
  • How long have they been using it?
  • Do they have legal matters?
  • How much money do they spend?
  • Are they suicidal?

Once the interventionist has collected adequate information about the person's background, they will consult with the family or loved ones on when to begin the actual intervention. Once the day and time have been agreed upon, the interventionist will arrange family transportation to the venue. The intervention of drugs & alcohol addiction in California will take place at the location that the family believes is ideal for their loved one. This could be at the family's home, a park, or even a simulated event.

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How will the Drug Intervention Process take place in California?

The interventionist will assist the family in determining who should engage in the intervention. Before intervening, the IP’s family and friends will meet with the interventionist to discuss how the session would take place. The specialist will guide the family through the intervention procedure.

Once the individual agrees to get treated and the family has opted for Lion Recovery, the drug & alcohol addiction interventionist will accompany the IP to our Southern California detox center by car or aircraft and will ensure that the IP arrives safely. The interventionist will remain accessible via phone for any follow-up questions and concerns the family may have post-session.

Lion Recovery also provides additional digital interventions that the IP may require during their residential detox treatment.

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