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Residential Treatment Programs for Addiction

Drug and Alcohol Addiction isn’t a cookie-cutter health problem.

Long Term Residential Treatment Program to Cease the Addiction – Not Your Life

If your life is becoming unmanageable due to alcohol or drug addiction, it is time to seek help. There are multiple sorts of addiction detox services, but our residential detox program in California is the most comprehensive. Our long term residential treatment program's concept is based on enabling individuals to collaborate with an experienced team of clinicians to develop a Substance Abuse addiction Treatment plan that fosters a sense of hope, optimism, and, eventually, freedom. Lion Recovery Center provides a path to recovery that is rich with fresh insights and life skills. We provide Residential Detox Treatment in a loving, supporting setting that preserves the individual's dignity and respect.

The treatment of the disease should be as unique as the people who suffer from it.

We offer a tailored program for individuals who need to detox from substance use in the absence of distractions.

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Better Results with Residential Treatment Programs in California

Drug and Alcohol Addiction, like other medical disorders, does not develop during a person’s leisure time. Many company owners, C-level executives, elite sportsmen, and creative geniuses will try to work while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Many people feel that their most refined work emerges through drug and alcohol usage & searches for the residential treatment near me. This is one of many myths that will be debunked during drug detox at our exclusive California Rehab facility.

Our facility is designed to provide a residential addition treatment program that allows the client to ‘breathe,’ take a break from the chaos of active drug and alcohol addiction and enable them to resolve deep-seated issues that contribute to feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, and depression. Rest, rejuvenate, and rebuild into a more balanced and healthier version of yourself, free of the need or desire for any drug of choice. Imagine how this will allow you to perform better every other day.

Why Choose Long Term Residential Treatment Programs for Addiction Recovery?

Many factors contribute to home detox failure, but one of the most prevalent is having too much free time. Idle time leads to the same dark paths and negative thinking patterns that activate the fixation and force addicts to use drugs or alcohol. From sunrise to night, the residential treatment program in California or near you provides scheduled days filled with activities, education, and therapy. Keeping your hands and mind busy throughout your initial few days of sobriety results in a more beneficial and enjoyable experience and prevents your mind from dwelling on negative thoughts.

Catering to Your Unique Needs, 24/7 

Our residential detox treatment programs for addiction are specific to each person. Detox-related withdrawal symptoms may vary depending on the type of substance taken, dose, and duration of the addiction. The length of stay at our lovely property can range from 7 to 10 days, and we are confident you will embrace the experience. There’s something about being on a picturesque landscape that goes beyond a breath of fresh air. It unveils a new world of second chances. 

Our long term residential Detox program in California includes but is not limited to: 

  • Individual and group sessions. 
  • Addressing the underlying causes of addiction. 
  • Education and lectures. 
  • Addressing depression, depression, trauma, PTSD, and co-occurring disorders. 
  • Involvement in 12 Step programs. 
  • Extensive work with the family. 
  • Social rehabilitation and interaction with peers. 
  • Life skills. 
  • Tangible goals that help create a sense of self-worth.

Emotions may surface when the body and mind heal from the toxicity of addictive drugs. In addition to having attentive personnel available at all times, we prioritize inner peace at the top of our list. Lion Recovery takes pride in providing one of the most comprehensive residential treatment programs, striving to create the best foundation for each patient’s successful recovery.

The Road to Recovery Through Residential Detox Program

The complete continuum of care for optimal addiction recovery therapy extends beyond residential detox program. After dealing with the physical factors of addiction, dealing with the emotional and behavioral aspects of drug and alcohol misuse opens the road to recovery.

A tailored evaluation of general health, family and environmental tendency to drug use, and the possibility of a co-occurring illness prevalent with substance addiction are all considered. This occurs when a mental health illness coexists with drug or alcohol abuse. Patients with addiction and anxiety, depression, or bipolar illness, often known as dual diagnosis, will frequently require treatment for both.

Furthermore, our addiction industry specialists and qualified personnel examine how to integrate addiction therapy with professional duties so you don’t miss a beat at work. Collectively, we can devise a residential  detox programs in California that complements rather than disrupts your life.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse is one of the most challenging moments that face during their drug and alcohol rehab. Our staff provides a distinctive blend of compassion and professional expertise to help clients eventually graduate from this critical phase of addiction treatment. A concise and holistic approach to mind, body, and spiritual healing allows therapeutic effects to shine through from the start. Because relapse is less likely to happen when you experience the positive changes sooner.

How It Starts

The first step toward our long term detox program is typically a personal acknowledgment that a substance addiction problem exists. For many, it takes an intervention from a coworker, business colleague, or family member who cared enough to bring up the topic and take a firm stance with the person displaying indications of addiction. Lion Recovery can help you in this regard.

Life Beyond Residential Detox Programs

While not directly related to residential detox treatment programs, it is advisable for all residential patients to arrange for aftercare treatment plan once they have completed the drug detox at Lion Recovery. Aftercare is a series of follow-up sessions in which you and a group may share difficulties and accomplishments, as well as ask questions regarding your newly discovered sobriety. Although residential detox program near me provides a firm basis for recovery, it is best to build on that foundation with aftercare plan for substance abuse.

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