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Aftercare Treatment Plan for Case Management & Drug Relapse Prevention

Drug addiction and alcoholism are chronic illnesses that can be handled effectively with an integrated treatment strategy that includes the assistance of an addiction case manager.

Drug Addiction Recovery Managed With Aftercare Treatment Plan

With addiction recovery being fluid and ongoing life circumstance, relapse prevention can be the answer for people who need:

  • A refresher after years of sobriety.
  • Extra support and guidance just after completing a residential rehabilitation program.
  • Added reinforcements against the triggers that can lead to relapse of use.

At Lion Recovery, drug relapse prevention is not an afterthought but a way of life. From detox to sobriety, we help clients understand the significance of self-awareness and make sound decisions that support their recovery without impeding it. By following any of the holistic therapy options we offer, clients can apply those teachings wherever recovery takes them. We also counsel families on incorporating relapse prevention into their own lives to make the necessary changes in their home and social settings to greatly help their loved ones to avoid triggers for alcohol or drug use.

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Holistic Relapse Prevention Eases The Journey

Understanding the significance of developing new, healthy behaviors to replace those that did not serve your well-being is essential for the healing process. More than anything else, doing what you can to eliminate potential thoughts, familiar senses, and an emotional urge to use again is key to remaining sober. 

But, short of wiping the past entirely, how do you alter time? With holistic relapse prevention, you wouldn’t have to. Instead, you learn to feel at ease in your skin and make greater use of every moment by doing the following: 

  • Ongoing counseling via individual and group treatments. 
  • 12-step programs and education, as well as other non-denominational plans 
  • Physical activity with the development of mindfulness. 
  • Gain experience with nutrition and meal preparation 

When life throws you lemons, Lion Recovery helps you make a lemon meringue pie.

Recognize that relapse triggers appear for everyone, even if they seem to be too hard to combat. When they do, you can be sure to count on us for help. Relapse is quite common during the healing process. Much like learning to ride a bicycle, falling is not the end but an opportunity to get back up and ride stronger.

We want you to focus on healing no matter where you are in your recovery. By including a tactical approach to relapse prevention, our Case Management program ensures just that.

What Is Case Management In Addiction Treatment?

Addiction recovery is a lifelong pursuit. Regardless of where you stand on your journey, having the support tools and being a part of a sober community makes it easier to live drug and alcohol-free.

Our Case Management includes a customized first-stage monitoring approach that has been statistically shown to keep clients aware of their commitment to recovery. Clients are obliged to provide a UA (urine analysis) test at random upon admittance. They are notified on when and where to take the test via text, phone call, or email.

The first stage monitoring program, on the other hand, does not require a client to reside in a specific place or state because monitoring labs are located around the country. We’ve discovered that UA testing helps clients maintain their sobriety because failing may necessitate upping testing frequency from twice a month to three times a month. For those suffering from an alcohol use disorder, the first stage of monitoring includes a breathalyzer test, which can help prevent relapse.

The Benefits of Substance Abuse Case Management

We understand how arduous the process of enduring addiction treatment may be on its own, let alone the idea of having to manage the condition for the rest of one’s life.

For others, there are additional problems when dealing with the legal ramifications of alcohol and drug addiction. In addition, nearly 50% of people with a drug use problem require medicines to manage co-occurring ailments. The pursuit of long-term healing might appear daunting and incessant.

With our Case Management, each client is assigned a dedicated Addiction Case Manager who develops a personalized guide to help them with their particular diagnosis. Clients and their families discuss treatment plans and effectively facilitate and coordinate care through the case management process. If our clients require outside services, we make those resources available to them as well. Addiction Case Managers and other core members of our core team coordinate to assess each client’s transition from detox to a sober life.

Our customized case management services may include the following:

  • Transportation Services 
  • Job Assistance 
  • Insurance Management 
  • Counseling and Therapy 
  • Lab Testing 
  • Relapse Prevention 
  • Education and Training 
  • Fulfilling requirements of probation (due to a work-related incident of substance misuse involving medications, alcohol, or illicit drugs)

Having a single point of contact, a trustworthy Addiction Case Manager, to advocate for and manage all of your needs makes the road to recovery much easier to navigate. So you can focus on what is more critical: healing your mind, body, and spirit.

Please get in touch with us if you want to learn more about our personalized drug addiction case management and relapse prevention programs.

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