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Luxury Drug Detox Center in Van Nuys, California

If substance abuse has taken control of all aspects of your life or your beloved, personal survival will depend totally on your ability to conquer addiction through drug detox program

The Importance of Detox from Drugs

Those battling chemical dependencies fare better when they benefit from a drug detox program tailored to their specific needs. We provide specialized inpatient programs to ensure uniquely individual and comprehensive care.

Doing everything possible to create a safe, pleasant, and welcoming space during drug detox reduces the impact of detox withdrawals and their associated symptoms. Our drug addiction detox center sits on a quaint and lovely residential setting in Van Nuys, surrounded by the best that nature and Southern California have to offer to support this approach. It is essential to have a home-like atmosphere during drug detox to heal the mind, body, and spirit. According to statistics, people who receive treatment in a residential treatment center recover quicker.

When the time comes to begin the early phase of drug addiction therapy, you mustn't approach the situation yourself. Consider working with a drug intervention specialist, who understands how to mediate the initial dialogue between loved ones who face drug addiction. Our drug intervention specialists at the Lion Recovery detox center in California, help individuals navigate the physical and emotional barriers of recovering from the harmful consequences of substance misuse and rebuilding body and brain equilibrium.

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Effective Drug Detox Timeline


The time required to complete drug medical detox varies depending on the individual, as does everything else in the treatment and recovery process.

The length of treatment and the severity of drug withdrawal symptoms are influenced by the substance of choice, the dosage, frequency, and duration of usage. Furthermore, the kind of ancillary services required during drug detox is advised based on the results of a first medical evaluation that reveals one’s general health.

Most people stay at our residential drug detox facility for 7 to 10 days on average, while others require lengthier stays. We are confident that no matter how long you visit, you will find our blissful home a calming component of the detox process. Many people have found that getting away from the worries of everyday life and immersing themselves in the beauty of nature in the Southern California has been beneficial.

What Can You Expect From Drug Detox?


However, to undergo drug detox, you must first acknowledge that you have a problem with substance usage. To genuinely make a positive transformation, you must have a strong desire to live a life free of the cloud of drug abuse. Once you have decided to seek and accept treatment, you will go through medication-assisted detox in a home-like setting at our inpatient rehab, California facility.

Individuals may experience the following withdrawal symptoms depending on their substance addiction:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Delirium tremens
  • Anxiety
  • Shakiness
  • Dizziness and more

The Drug detox process occurs when a person refrains from consuming drug of choice in an attempt to cleanse their body of that substance entirely.

Drug detox is a method in which the client gradually withdraws from the drug to the point where it’s no longer present in the system.

Substance abuse alters a person’s psyche and causes physical tolerance, which could be hazardous if not handled right. Our recovery prep program provides clients with a warm, pleasant surroundings to safely detox from drugs.

If your substance use has escalated to the level that you are seriously considering professional help, you should include detox therapy as part of your recovery plan.

Drug Detox will assist in flushing all toxins and chemicals from your system, allowing your body to start to heal truly. As you have read, withdrawal is a stressful process, and seeking Drug intervention specialist help during this time can help ease many of the symptoms.

Moreover, medical detox eliminates the risk of death during the withdrawal phase, which can occur when people are addicted to alcohol, opioids, benzodiazepines, or stimulants.

Attempting to self-detox at home is not advisable for those who have full-blown chemical dependencies. While the minimal risk is relapsing, the greatest danger is fatal.

When a substance abuser quits using them, they will experience withdrawal symptoms physically and psychologically.

Physical withdrawal symptoms from alcohol and drugs can be overwhelming and distressing for the addict. These symptoms vary depending on the substance, and they can be fatal if not carefully monitored by drug addiction professionals.

Detoxing from a substance and suffering withdrawal symptoms can be challenging, and the methods used to detox may play a vital role in the symptoms you have.

Lion Recovery will take all measures to ensure that any discomfort you experience is as minimal as possible and discuss recommended pain management techniques with you.

Life After Treatment at Our California Drug Detox Center

When the physical and emotional effects of drug detox wear off, it is time to embark on the path to recovery. However, it is imperative first to address whatever specific emotional and behavioral factors resulted in your addiction.

Before commencing any additional therapy, our experienced team will thoroughly assess your general health, which may have changed as a result of your recent detox experience. In addition, we will conduct a personalized analysis of any familial or social aspects that may be contributing to your addiction. The insights gained will help develop your treatment plan in the future.

Besides that, it is common for those suffering from addiction to have coexisting conditions like anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder. To ensure that we manage all aspects of your emotional and psychological well-being, our expert rehab team will also help treat these types of coexisting conditions with therapy. We will work hard to develop a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific requirements.

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