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Top Qualities of the Best Alcohol Drug Rehab Centers in California

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    November 8, 2021
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With substance use disorder affecting nearly 21 million Americans, it can be difficult trying to find the Best Alcohol Drug Rehab Centers that fit all of your needs. Being aware of your own addiction can come as a struggle, so understanding the different options for treatment can help you have a higher chance of a successful recovery. Whether you or a loved one are seeking help for an addiction, here are the things that you should check before choosing the Best Alcohol Drug Rehab Centers in the US:
  1. Careful screening for Drug Abuse Disorders and Mental Health Conditions
  2. Respectful Environment that considers Substance Abuse Disorder a chronic disease
  3. 24/7 Care for the patients
  4. Quality Aftercare Services to ensure a long term recovery
These are few of the qualities that your should check before finalizing a Best Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in US, california. Now lets

Understand Alcohol Drug Rehab Facility

It is important to note that rehab alone is not going to treat your addiction. It is up to you to stay committed and put in the work, while being supported by mental health and medical professionals. Addiction rehab centers typically consists of four phases:
  • Intake
  • Detox
  • Rehabilitation
  • Aftercare recovery
Drug Alcohol Rehab Centers consist of intensive therapy to help you learn more about the root of the addiction, while helping you create a plan for relapse prevention and gain the skills to engage in the world without the help of drugs or alcohol.

Qualities to See in Alcohol Drug Rehab Facility

qualities of a good rehab center When researching and deciding which alcohol drug rehab centers may be the best fit for you, there are some important qualities to look out for.
  1. Screening for substance use disorder AND other mental health conditions

    More often than not, when someone is battling an addiction, there is likely to be other co-occurring disorders involved such as depression or anxiety. When there are other issues involved, it is crucial that the individual is screened accurately in order to get the best treatment for all disorders, not just the addiction.
  2. Emphasis on ongoing or after recovery care

    Substance use disorder is a mental health condition, and there are still risks for relapse even after a person has completed an addiction treatment program. The best alcohol rehab centers will provide you with plenty of aftercare resources, such as peer support groups, recovery homes, or other community recovery options in your area.
  3. A respectful environment that views addiction as a chronic condition

    Seeking professional help forces a person to be incredibly vulnerable and open to change. Shame and feelings of isolation are often associated with addiction and recovery. It is crucial that the addiction rehab center you choose views addiction as a mental health disorder, and treats all persons with respect and patience.
Some other basic rules of thumb to consider might be whether family/friends involvement is allowed, the qualification or professionalism of the staff, and how the rehab approaches gender or cultural differences. After all, you are seeking help for yourself and you should be getting the best level of care possible.

Size of the Treatment Facility or Type of Centers

types of rehab facility There is no definite size of different alcohol drug rehab centers, because they all vary. The Best Alcohol Drug Rehab Centers will have a variety of mental health and medical professionals such as licensed therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, registered nurses, and peer specialists. There are four basic types of centers:
  • Outpatient Treatment: Individual lives on their own and regularly attends a group program led by substance use or mental health professionals.
  • Inpatient Treatment: Individual lives within hospital and receives highly intensive care for their addiction.
  • Residential Treatment: Individual lives at and receives highly intensive care in a non hospital setting.
  • Recovery/Sober-Living Housing: Individual lives in a supervised recovery home and regularly attends a group program on substance use disorder.

Types of Treatment Services

Depending on the type of rehab center you decide to use, treatment services may vary. Treatment typically includes both individual and group therapy as well as group treatment programs to learn more about your addiction, coping skills, triggers and how to better your overall mental health. Some Addiction Rehab Centers will include a variety of activities to engage in such as art therapy or daily yoga to practice mindfulness. Before choosing a drug and alcohol rehab center, research the Types of Treatment Services offered within the facility and choose based on what you think could work for you.

How Long is Treatment?

Before talking about how long the different treatment options are, it is important to note that recovery is an ongoing process, and just because the treatment has ended, does not mean the work you put in ends. Outpatient treatment lasts anywhere from 3-6 months while inpatient programs typically last a month to up to 6 months. Residential treatment can either be long term (6-12 months), or short term (3-6 weeks).

Location of the Treatment Services

There are different drug alcohol rehab centers all throughout the United States and Los Angeles has hundreds of options for addiction treatment. Lion Recovery is an addiction treatment center located in LA that provides interventions, medical detox, and relapse prevention.

Low or No-cost Treatment Centers

The cost of addiction treatment centers can be expensive, and oftentimes acts as a barrier to seeking the help you need. Luckily, there are some low or no-cost treatment options. Programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous are two free group meeting options to help maintain sobriety. There are also different free or low-cost self help groups in different communities such as trauma and addiction groups or managing PTSD and addiction. A simple Google search can help you find affordable treatment options for your addiction.

The Salvation Army

One awesome option for those who are seeking recovery at a free or low cost, is The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army provides free rehab programs and has some of the best drug and alcohol rehab centers in the US. Through holistic therapy and group and individual therapy the Salvation Army can help you seek recovery at a no-fee cost.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous, otherwise known as AA, is another free option for seeking and maintaining alcohol abstinence. Through the 12-step program, individuals come together and share stories about their journey while working towards the same goal of sobriety. AA meetings are typically available anywhere in the US at no cost. This is an excellent way to have a sense of community and meet others who struggle with alcohol addiction.

Addiction Treatment for Veterans

Most veterans suffer with various mental health issues, and specifically addiction. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides many different addiction treatment options for those who served in the U.S. military. The VA provides veterans with outpatient treatment, different forms of counseling, self help groups, residential care, and many more. Most veterans suffer with symptoms of PTSD, anxiety and depression and it is important that if you are seeking help for addiction, to find an addiction treatment center that treats co-occurring disorders as well.

How to Make Drug Addiction Treatment More Affordable

ways to finance a drug rehab facility The cost of addiction rehab centers can add up quickly, and is often the reason many people do not seek out help. But some of the best alcohol drug rehab centers will work with you, to ensure the treatment is affordable and accessible. Oftentimes, insurance will cover the cost of treatment. Some drug addiction treatment centers will even offer payment plans to cover the cost. Some people may be connected with a private sponsor which can help cover the cost of treatment. Make sure to ask about payment options when searching for the best alcohol drug rehab centers. The cost of rehab can be expensive, but should never stop you from receiving the care you deserve to live a drug free life. 

Final Verdict If We Should Go To A Drug Rehab Facility Or Not

Whether you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, Lion Recovery will provide you with the best support and care to break free from the addiction. Addiction can be a dark place, but you do not have to go through it alone. Contact Lion Recovery (888-616-3179) today to start your journey to recovery.


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