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When & Why Drug Detox is Necessary?

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    May 6, 2022
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Drug detox is a crucial part of the addiction recovery process. It is the process of allowing your body to naturally rid itself of the substances and begin to cleanse. The drug detox process may last up to several days and involve different withdrawal symptoms. But why is drug detox important during the addiction rehabilitation process? Here we discuss all things on when and why drug detox is necessary. 
Whether someone is seeking help for an addiction to drugs or alcohol, the detox phase is inevitable as the drugs finally leave the body. This process must happen in order for the body to learn to function again without the substances. The main purpose of a drug detox program is to help the recovering individual manage the withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms are likely to happen after a chronic or frequent drug user abruptly discontinues the use of the drugs or alcohol. 
  Here we will discuss:  
  • What does drug detox and withdrawal management mean?
  • Why withdrawal management is important 
  • When and why drug detox is necessary 
  • Where can I locate a certified and professional detox program? 

The Meaning of Drug Detox & Withdrawal Management

Drug detox is a natural process of eliminating any drugs or alcohol from the body, specifically within the liver. Within this process, withdrawal symptoms are likely to occur. Withdrawal management is another term that is often used to describe drug detox. Residential detox Treatment are to help recovering individuals manage the withdrawal symptoms in order to have a safe recovery and avoid any possible relapses.
While drug detox and the withdrawal experience are not the same, drug detox programs are to help with withdrawal management. Oftentimes, various types of therapy and medications are given during the initial phase of the detox and withdrawal management process. Sometimes the withdrawal symptoms can cause severe discomfort and pain and a medical or mental health provider will prescribe certain medications to help ease the discomfort. 
It should be noted that the detox and withdrawal management phase is only the first step in addiction recovery and intensive therapeutic care will be required to help ensure the recovering individual is fully equipped and skilled to live a drug-free lifestyle. 

Is Drug Withdrawal Management Always Important?

With more chronic and severe disorders such as alcohol use disorder or opioid use disorder, the withdrawal symptoms can be extremely dangerous. In these situations, without medical support, a person can be at risk of experiencing severe health issues including death. Withdrawal management is crucial for assuring these individuals are safe and supported throughout the detox and withdrawal process. 
Symptoms such as excessive sweating, nausea, fatigue, and increased anxiety or depression are common withdrawal symptoms. More concerning symptoms include shaking, compulsions, suicidal ideations, and seizures. Drug cravings are an extremely common symptom of the detox and withdrawal experience and without the proper support, can lead to a relapse. In some cases, such as with opioid addiction, a relapse is likely to result in an overdose due to the decreased tolerance level. This is tragically common and often leads to death. Proper care is crucial for ensuring the safety of each individual seeking recovery.   

When & Why Drug Detox is Necessary

why drug detox is necessary Drug detox is only the first step in the addiction recovery process. A person must first rid the substances from the body and then learn to manage drug cravings and utilize healthy coping skills for relapse prevention. This is a necessary step as the body learns to function without the drugs. 
Oftentimes, people may begin the detox phase on their own, however, attempting to quit “cold turkey” may cause more damage to the body or result in a relapse. There are many drugs detox programs that will help provide a safe and supportive environment to completely cleanse the body from any drugs or alcohol. While drug detox is an important but unpleasant phase, you can expect complete support throughout.  

Lion Recovery Detox Program 

  Drug detox centers exist all throughout the United States and often include an inpatient rehab center to help with the full recovery. If you or someone you know is wishing to begin the drug detox process and start your journey to a drug-free life, contact Lion Recovery today at (888) 616-3179 to learn more about our detox program.  Nobody should have to recover from an addiction alone, and Lion Recovery is here for you.
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