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Is It OK to Reject Drink from My Friend in Social Events?

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    April 13, 2022
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Have you ever been in a situation where you had to say no to alcohol while your friends had plenty? Maybe your parents instructed you not to. Or, maybe because it was late and you had to wake up early in the morning for work. Or, maybe you are trying to quit alcohol and don’t want a relapse. Whatever the case may be, we have all been there at one point in our lives and we know how hard it is to reject the drink, especially at social events.
But why can’t you drink? Why is it okay for your friends to drink alcohol but not you? Why can’t I relieve some stress by drinking? Yes, it’s true that drinking will relieve stress, but it’s not okay to drink on a regular basis. Let’s face it, no matter how happy you are, you will have to face stress every once in a while, but you can’t go for a drink every time you feel a little stressed. That’s how you get addicted. Alcohol addiction is one of the worst addictions and if you build up a tolerance, then it will get even worse. There are various benefits of quitting alcohol.
As for why it is okay for your friends to drink but not you, well that’s where you are wrong. It’s not okay for friends either, but it’s their life and if they choose to have a drink, then it’s their choice and there’s not much you can do. What you can do is make the choices that are right for you by choosing not to drink and maintaining good health. If you just want to relieve some stress, there are other ways of doing it than drinking.

Relieve Stress Without Drinking Alcohol

Unlike popular belief, there are other ways of relieving stress without drinking alcohol. Lets’ begin. rejecting a drink socially
  • Exercise

After a heavy workout, your body will relieve stress as you’ve never felt before. Exercises such as pushups, sit-ups, weight lifts, chin-ups, and running, among other activities are some of the best stress-relieving exercises. Not to mention, you will also lose any extra weight, gain muscles and become much healthier.
  • Understand Trigger Points

There are triggers for everything, including alcohol, but it’s different for everyone. For some, heavy work triggers the need to drink alcohol, while for others, it’s after a stressful situation. Your goal is to understand how your trigger points get triggered and help remedy it by doing exercises and depth breathing exercises.
  • Deep Breathing Techniques

Breathing exercises are very powerful and deep breathing can give you the relaxation you need, which will prevent you from reaching out for a glass of alcohol.
  • Add Recreational Activities In Your Life

Many people working for corporates get sucked into a state of life, where their only activities are work, food, tv, and sleep and it repeats every day. This is particularly bad as there’s no way for one to relieve stress. Add some recreational activities such as sports, yoga, cooking, meeting new people, etc. to bring the fun back to your life.
  • Regular Stretches

If your work involves long hours of sitting in front of a camera, then you are bound to stress. Sitting in the place for too long reduces proper blood flow to all of your body parts. So, try getting up from the chair occasionally and do simple stretches.

How To Say No To Drinks When You Don’t Want To?

You will find yourself in situations, where you are at an event or party, and you will come up to you and hand you over a drink. It can be very hard to say no to drink, especially at social events. You will begin to wonder what if they don’t take it very well or feel hurt that you denied and even if you manage to say no, chances are they will say something like, “One drink is no big deal,” or “Come on, drink with us.” But, at the end of the day, you have to think about yourself. So, gather the courage to say no. Here are some examples-
  • I’ve to drive home later (the ultimate excuse).
  • No thanks, I just finished one.
  • I have to keep a clear head today.
  • I just quit alcohol.


It’s okay to say no to alcohol even when all your friends are having some. It is for your benefit only and keeps all the consequences of drinking alcohol at bay. Not to mention, you will live a far healthier life.

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