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Why Should You Never Go For A Rapid Detox Program?

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    April 25, 2022
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One thing that makes it hard for them to live is when they are bound to some addiction, these addictions can be from alcohol or any drug substance, which tends to harm the person. This article will tell you top reasons why you should avoid Rapid Drug Detox to save your body. People seek clarity and try to subdue their addictions through detoxification; they either seek pharmacological assistance or seek treatment in a rehab facility where medical professionals can help them break their addictions. As the number of rehab and detox centers grows, some people are taking the initiative to open rapid detox centers with immediate treatments. However, these treatments are suggested to be unsuitable; let’s know why?

Brief of Drug Detoxification

Drug detoxification is mainly for the people who are bound to addiction, though they want to change for good.  A human conscience develops with time. Similarly, it can get damaged with time if you regularly use drugs. Drug abuse can be hazardous as people slowly loosen up their senses and feelings, making them hard to deal with.  Drug detoxification centers provide help and various forms of treatment and medication to the people seeking assistance to situate their problems and find recovery. It is a form of clinical service supervised by people who have some specialty in understanding drug abuse and can aid people who need help. If you are looking for help to get rid of drugs for yourself or your loved ones, you can conduct research based on drug detoxification and find the best drug rehab center near me. Through this, you can seek help for yourself or provide support to the person searching for use. As we know, drug abuse can create an unnatural imbalance in the organs of the human body, affecting the brain, circulatory system, liver, kidney, and specific organs. Thus, when you would reach out for help from the professionals, they can ensure you the best treatment. It allows the medication to detox the unnatural substance and create an environment for the body to release that harmful substance and heal as much as possible. Drug detox process has some symptoms called withdrawal systems; these symptoms can irritate the representative body through drug abuse. Thus, these can cause physiological changes to the body that can be hard to register.  Drug detoxification, on the other hand, can aid those who are trying to quit using drugs.

How to Avoid Rapid Detox Programs? 

rapid drug detox limitations Rapid detox programs, as the name implies, are high-speed detoxification programs. They combine therapies and medication with activities to help people recover from drug addiction quickly. The treatment includes quite potent sedatives and heavy doses of opioid antagonists (naloxone). These doses allow the ultra-fast release of opioids from the body.  However, these rapid detoxifications are ultra-fast. Thus, the reports show rapid detox can’t fix the problem entirely and leave plenty of loopholes for patients to go back to their daily drug abuse.  Many patients who opted for rapid detox addressed that the treatment might work in releasing the opioids from their bodies. Still, it does not affect the drug addiction properly, resulting in an excessive need to relapse. That can be more horrible than before. However, you can avoid rapid drugs by researching the program and treatment and choosing the best. Though there are many conquests of getting rapid detox as the treatment program for drug abuse. The rapid detox has some negative impact on the body of drug addicts, as they have many heavy sedatives, including:
  • The rapid detox causes harmful and dangerous body strains as the body becomes gradually weak and unable to handle the sedatives included in health hazards during detox.
  •  However, the heavy doses can become the reason for some severe problems like cardiac arrest and potential health risks.
  • Withdrawal symptoms can be stressful for the patient forcing them to re-use the drugs for some relief. 
  • Their rapid detox is not reliable as they can be of no use to any improvement in the progress of drug detoxification. Hence it develops more discomfort causing higher drug intake than before.  
Thus, you can avoid rapid detox by minding all the factors that can lead people’s health towards downfall. Many drug treatment programs are appropriately executed and made for the betterment of people. So, one can look for the best.

Final words:

At Lion Recovery, We are very strict about our treatment programmer so that we can give our patients the best care possible. The people who are over from their old habits and the negative impacts of drug abuse need extreme care and medication.  Thus, the Lion Recovery detox center is one of the best detox centers in California. We create medication programs considering the requirements of people that can address the addiction and heal people thoroughly; these medically assisted programs are under the supervision of medical professionals. People can expect the best results. 

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